Pro Shop

At our Pro Shop, we'll Consistently deliver to you the Highest Quality bowling ball service work in north east texas.

The pro shop is located in the Holiday Bowl. If you need adjustments to your current equipment or would like to get your fitting and/or equipment evaluated, please stop by our conveniently located pro shop.

Drilling prices

  • $45 bought outside the center
  • $35 bought at the center
  • $30 League bowler 2016-2017 season
  • $10 Grips
  • $10 Slug
  • $18 Grips & Slugs


  • GRIP/FIT - THE most comfortable
  • BALL LAYOUT - Correct match to bowler's style and ball type
  • SURFACE REFINISHING - NOBODY delivers a better sand or polish
  • PLUG WORK - Highest quality materials used only

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